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Gas purification can be a complex task.  Here at Vigor we have extensive knowledge of the most efficient way of performing this task and have produced a range of gas purification systems in order to achieve this.

  • SAP 10
  • SAP 40
  • SAP 120
The SAP 10 is a single pass system designed  to remove  residual moisture or oxygen or both from a gas supply line or cylinder.  Unlike traditional gas purifiers this can be performed at high pressure up to 6 BAR.

A common application is reducing oxygen a moisture content levels from cylinders down to a minimum for Purge Glove Boxes.

The SAP 40 is one of our stand alone gas purification units with PLC control and colour touch panel used for removing oxygen and moisture from a small to medium sized glove box or enclosure.
The SAP 120 is our industrial style gas purification unit suitable for removing oxygen and moisture from larger gloveboxes or enclosures such as production lines.