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Vigor Tech was founded by Ph.D. scientists and engineers whose working lives have revolved around gas purification.

We have used our many years of R&D experience in gas separation/purification to develop the industries’ most advanced glovebox technologies, best exemplified by our seals and gas purification technology.

Vigor differentiates itself from its competitors in the following aspects:

  • Gas Purification Experience
    Expertise in gas purification materials and processes. Ability to meet customer’s special purification needs; Extensive experience in removing oxygen and moisture to PPM and PPB levels; Specialization in handling and analysis of ultra pure gases
  • Glovebox Experience
    Our engineers and scientists are also glovebox users, with extensive hands-on experience. Our gloveboxes provide numerous user-friendly features.
  • Experience in Chemistry and Material Research
    Many of us hold advanced degrees in chemistry and chemical engineering, and have extensive research and development experience in air-sensitive applications. This enables Vigor to better understand customer’s needs and provide appropriate recommendations.

Vigor’s advanced technologies and unmatched quality and services have resulted in rapid company growth.  We have numerous gloveboxes already installed worldwide with an ever increasing list. Our customers include the world’s leading universities and R&D centers as well as Fortune 500 companies. Many of these are repeat customers, with some owning 10 or more of our gloveboxes.